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Our consultants and specialists are retired and serving officers in the Singapore Police Force with vast experience in their fields of expertise. They will share insights on security and enforcement strategies, and emerging trends and threats.

Whatever your security concerns, we have it covered with our signature programmes that showcases the range of major security issues, as well as customised programmes to suit your needs. Our programmes are conducted in English, Chinese and Arabic, when necessary.

Signature Programmes

Investigation Techniques
• Principles of Investigation
• Principles of Statement Recording
• Investigative Report Writing
• Behaviour Analysis Interview Techniques
• Child & Vulnerable Witness Interview Techniques
• Preparation of case for Court Trial
• Roles & Function of Forensic Evidence
• Managing & Processing Evidence at Crime/Incident Scene Search, Seizure & Handling of Digital Evidence

Court Procedures
• Introduction to Court & Prosecution Systems
• Preparation of case for Court Trial
• Testifying in Court Trial
• Mock Court Practical Session

Cybercrime Investigation
• Introduction to Computer Forensics
• Search, Seizure & Handling of Digital Evidence
• Use of Internet/Social Media for Intelligence & Investigation

Forensics & Crime Scene Management
• Roles & Function of Forensic Evidence
• Managing & Processing Evidence at Crime/Incident Scene
• Procedures in Collection, Documentation & Preservation of Evidence
• Photography & Sketching of Crime Scene

Road Traffic Management and Road Safety in Singapore
• The 3Es & Legislative Approach – Enforcement, Engagement and Education
• Singapore’s experience in promoting safe and smooth traffic on roads
• Singapore’s traffic demand management strategy
• Traffic Police’s action plan for road safety in Singapore
• Developing a culture of safe and courteous road usage

Community Police Strategies
• Community Policing in Singapore: Historical Development and Characteristics
• Overview of the Singapore Police Force
• Community Policing System (COPs) - A Fresh Perspective
• Development of community policing approach in crime prevention
• Fostering higher community engagement

Singapore Police Training and Management System
• Training System for Law Enforcement Officers
• An overview of Police Training and Management System
• Police knowledge and skills

Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Human Resource Framework
• Evolution of the Performance and Appraisal System of SPF
• Human Resource Framework
• How to create the right incentive schemes

We have conducted many programmes for local enforcement agencies, Government agencies and companies. We also train officers from overseas police forces in China, South Asia and the Middle East, in areas such as community policing, investigations, safety and security matters and Police National Service.

As part of the training programme, we can arrange relevant field trips and study visits to Singapore enforcement agencies. We are also able to arrange accommodation, meals and visits to Singapore attractions as part of the overall training package.

Customised Training for Overseas Delegates


  • Study visit by senior police instructors from the National Police of China University
    In 2013 and 2014, we organised training courses for four batches, each of 20 senior police instructors and lecturers from the National Police University of China (NPUC). They learnt about the training, operation and criminal investigation system of the Singapore Police Force. As requested by NPUC, guest speakers from CPIB and CAD were also invited to share about their functions, roles and responsibilities and money laundering investigation. We also arranged visits to local agencies for participants to observe the various duties and responsibilities in collecting, evaluating and reporting on forensic evidences and investigation procedures.

  • Long-term attachment for Shanghai Police College Senior Trainers
    We arranged long term attachments with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for three groups of senior police instructors from Shanghai. The attachments were up to five months, between 2012 and 2014. During their attachment, we provided accommodation, transport, training workshops with local agencies, field visits and a liaison team to look after the needs of participants. We also customised the training schedule according to the needs of the participants. They also observed security management by SPF during major events such as Singapore Formula 1 races and National Day Celebrations.

Middle East

  • Study visit by Abu Dhabi Police
    In 2014, a group of UAE and Abu Dhabi senior police officers came to Singapore to learn about Police National Service (PNS). A workshop was conducted by experienced trainers who shared best practices and experiences in administrating the PNS. Participants also visited the training school and workplaces where police national service personnel are deployed.

South Asia

  • Study visit North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA), India
    In November 2015, 71 senior police officer trainees from the North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA) came here to learn from the Singapore Police Force on Police leadership and management strategies. The program includes lectures and interactions with senior police management and visits to Police Headquarters, the Home Team Academy, Criminal Investigation Department and Neighbourhood Police Centre.

Other regions

  • Land Transport Authority (LTA), Fiji
    We also conduct programmes in other countries. In March 2014, our trainers flew to Fiji island to share their expertise on Traffic Accident Investigation Course with the officers from Fiji’s transport authority. The course was aimed at equipping the officers with prerequisite knowledge and skills to conduct accident investigation.



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We share Singapore Police Force’s expertise through training courses, consultancy services and study visit programmes.
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